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Chapter 10

You will pay for that!

"Huh? What happened." Renjie finally woke up, from her two days of sleep.

"Thank god you are okay!" Tang Tang, who was by Renjie's side this whole time immediately hugged her.

"Oh you are finally awake, let me check your temperature." Nurse quickly checked Renjie's health. "It seems that you are fine. If it weren't for Teacher Xue, who knows what would happened."

"Renjie do you need water, your voice seems a little bit rough…" Tang Tang asked with a worrying expression on her face.

"What do you me-" /My voice is really rough/ Renjie thought with a shocked expression.

/Does that mean…/ Renjie reached under the sheet in a search for his little demon. /It's there! It really is!/ Renjie felt happy, really happy.

"Here is your water Renjie." Tang Tang handed a glass full of water to Renjie.

"Thank you, Tang Tang." Renjie tried his best to sound like a girl. "Ehem, I thank you for everything, I have to go now."

Renjie was in his girl's clothes, which means you finally arrived at the part where Renije is crossdressing!

Though Renjie felt weird down there… It felt like something was missing (boys would definitely know that feeling).

"Wait a second…" /Renjie peek at his underwear./ "HUH WH-" /WHERE THE f*ck ARE MY BOXERS?!/

"Who took them.." Renjie took a look around himself like if someone pulled some spell the moment before, stealing his underwear.

/I'll think about this later, I have to meet with with Uncle Li./

Renjie arrived at the same place he met Uncle Li before. Before he could even call for him, Uncle Li immediately jumped out of the bushes.

"Renjie!" Uncle Li rushed to hug Renjie. "I missed you so much!"

"I missed you, Uncle Li."

"Uncle Li, I have to tell you something…"

"What is it Renjie?" Uncle Li asked curiously.

"Uncle Li, I am…crossdressing…" Renjie said it with a blushing expression.

"What do you mean?"

"Uhm… I turned back into a boy…" Renjie answered it with a completely red face.

"You did? Let me check your soul, for a second."

"Are you going to be okay?" Renjie remembers the last time that happened.

"Don't worry a small peak won't hurt anyone!" Li was full of himself. "MY MIND!"

"Uncle Li are you okay?"

Li barely took a look at Renjie's soul.

"I'm.. I'm fine…" Uncle Li is back to normal.

"What's going on?" Renjie asked.

"It seems that your soul is in full charge of your body. I believe that The Great Lotus Demon is at sleep right now." Uncle Li started explaining. "I was watching you fight the other day, the skill you used was dangerous, it completely drains user Qi. It seems that you not only drained your Qi but also The Great Lotus Demon Qi. Your body still has side effects of the last transformation, hence why you still look like a girl, but your internal structure is back to the one of the boy. That's why you look like a girl but sound like a boy."

"Wait, does that mean I can start wearing boys' clothes?"

"Unfortunately that would be impossible, while you were sleeping I found multiple posters with your portret, with your name on it. Somehow people found out how the Young Demon Lord looks. You will have to stay low for now, until I figure something out. After all, nobody would expect the demon lord to be a girl, especially now."

"Okay Uncle Li but what am I going to do with my voice?" His voice was really rough.

"Drink this, it is made from a special lust flower, it can soften drinkers' voice by double!" Uncle Li explained.

That was a special Lust potion made by the God of Lust from the Demon cult.

Renjie drinked the whole bottle. "How… how do I sound…" Renjie was blushing again.

"If I didn't know you I would have thought you were a girl."

"Okay then this should be fine. Ohh one more thing, I need…uhm…somebody…stole my…underwear… so I'll need a new one…" Renjie said while blushing like crazy.

"Here wear this, I especially made them for this occasion!" Uncle Li said with a fire in his eyes. "They were made to specially hide…your…uhm…you kno-"

"OKAY OKAY I GET IT." Renjie was ashamed of that.

Renjie thanked Uncle Li and headed back to the dorm.

Renjie stood in front of the dorm, he knew he have to enter it but he was afraid of the outcome.

/What if they hate me even more now?/ Renjie thought as he hesitated entering the dorm. /There is no point hesitating, I'll just face it head on, that's how my father taught me/

Renjie opened the door of the dorm. There was no one home, completely empty.

/What's going on?/ Renjie thought for a second.

"Is anybody home?" Renjie said as he entered the dorm.

"I am here."

"AGH!" That scared Renjie, Tang Tang was standing right beside the door, unless you enter it and turn around you won't be able to see her.

"What are you doing here Tang Tang?"

"I was waiting for you, Renjie." Tang Tang stood there beside Renjie.

"We need to talk. Let's take a seat at the table." Renjie said with a serious face.

Both of them sat on one of the tables for launch, one across another.

Tang Tang was a girl with short light blue hair, she wore a light blue T-shirt cut down after her chest, so her whole waist could be seen, down the waist she was wearing a short light blue skirt matching her T-shirt. Unfortunately she was bullied so hard that her wounds are still open, hence her whole chest, back, waist, upper part of her legs, even her neck is covered with white bandages. Covering most of her skin.

Busted! Darklord Fanfiction - Chapter 10 - HydraNovels (1)

"What's going on, here? Where is everyone?" Renjie asked curiously.

"Other students are either in the hospital or going home. After they saw what you did to Huang, they were too afraid to return." Tang Tang answered looking at the table with a sad face.

"Why did you stay?"

"I don't know, I'm not really afraid of-" Tang Tang was cut by Renjie.

"I'm not asking about this, why did you stay for all this time, they were bullying you day after day, night after night. Why didn't you go home, escaped, did something, why didn't you try asking for help from teachers?" Renjie asked her again.

Tang Tang started crying. "I couldn't, my parents died a long time ago. After that I was taken by the Fire clan as a servant, a slave. I didn't have a home nor a place to go to. This was my only home."

"I'm sorry to hear that. Who were your parents? " Renjie asked with a sad expression.

"My parents were president of the Xishu clan."

"My fathers name was Tong Tang, president of the Xishu clan"

"My mother was called Yan Ruyu." Which means "as desired" in old culture.

"Yan Ruyu?" Renjie remembered that name. /Wait a second, wasn't that-/

"That's right, sister of the God of Lust…" That name shocked Renjie. /It can't be…/

"...from the Demon cult." Tang Tang finished her sentence.

/her parents were…/"...the duo that my father tried to recruit…" Renjie said without considering his identity. He was completely out of his mind.

"Huh? What do you mean…" Tang Tang was confused. "You don't have a clan, nor parents… And the one who tried to recruit my parents was…" Tang Tang was out of her mind, the only reason she lost her parents was because of the Demon Clan.

All her miserable life she blamed on the Demon Clan, at that point she completely forgot who the real killers of her parents were. At the point where she would completely kill anyone from the Demon clan.


"...was the Demon Lord himself!"

Tang Tang stabbed Renjie in his abdomena using Metal dance skill passed by her parents.

Busted! Darklord Fanfiction - Chapter 10 - HydraNovels (2024)


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