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Original author: Xian Man Wen Hua

Artist of the manhua: Zhu Shui Guai Xiang

Chapter 7

They are lying!

"This is going to be your new dorm, and school. We call this special class, it is made for kids with special needs, but we use it for kids with problematic behavior." Teacher Yue explained as he was writing something in his notebook.

"Hmm… Yu Renjie… that's a familiar name…" Teacher took a good look at Renjie, coming really close to his face.

/Is he going to figure me out?!/ Renjie thought with a blushing face.

"Welp rules are rules." Teacher turned back to his notebook. "You are coming late to this school so, unfortunately you will have to start with the special class. Of course you can only enter special class with a negative score. All students start with 0, but you will have to start with -10, it's a bare minimum, it will ensure that you stay here until the big tournament that will take place on the next week, if you pass that tournament with minimum placement of 10, it will immediately get you out of the special class. I hope that's fine."

"I understand, teacher." Renjie answered with a relaxed face.

Teacher opens a special class dorm door. "ORDER!"

/He is so scary!/ Renjie thought with an uneasy expression on her face.

Whole classroom immediately went silent.

"This is your new classmate, Yu Renjie, I hope you are going to get along." Teacher said as he immediately left, he couldn't stand that class, it was completely disgusting for him.

"Hoo…, you are a girl? Perfect!" An older boy said with a smug expression.

/WHA- Whats with this atmosfear, everyone around me has an aura that kills. I don't feel safe at all!/ Renjie was shocked, this classroom only had bad students, it is believed that they were the childrens from the war criminals who used their power to bully weak and old.

*FIRE PUNCH* a boy wearing all red jumped to immediately attack Renjie.

"Lotus wall!" Renjie's body moved on her own, it was on pure instinct.

Lotus wall was a technique that was used by the White Lotus clan, it's used to block attackers Qi and repel the rest of his Qi back to him. The stronger the attacker the stronger the counter attack would be.

It's not a perfect technique, if the attacker is stronger than the defender, the wall would shatter leaving the defender without any protection.


Luckily Renjie was stronger than the fire Qi user, sending the attacking students into a wall behind him, with a loud crash!

/HUH, he didn't even use all of his Qi.. Is he preparing a counter attack?/ Renjie thought while the door immediately opened.

"WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!" Teacher Yue immediately asked with an angry expression on his face.

"She attacked me!" The boy who was slammed into the wall immediately blamed Renjie.

"That's not true! He attacked me first, I was just defending!" Renjie tried to defend himself.

"Witnesses, what happened here!" Teacher Yue asked everyone else.

"Huang wanted to greet the new student by giving her his hand but she just punched him with a weird white force!" A student that rushed towards the fire Qi user to help him said it with a hidden smile under his face.

/No, they are lying, they-/ Renjie couldn't believe it, they were ready to completely expel her from this school on her first day.

"Fighting on your first day of school. I hate your kind the most MINUS 50 POINTS! You are going to be here for a long time, now apologize to him!" Teacher Yue said that as he was writing something in his notebook.

/I can't believe I have to apologize to him!/ "I am sorry, I shouldn't have done that, I hope you can accept my apology." "Renjie said with a sad expression on his face, but deep down she was furious."

"I accept your apology." Huang, the guy who attacked Renjie said with a smile on his face.

"My job here is done, I don't want to hear from you again!" Teacher Yue said as he slammed the door on his way out.

"It seems that we are going to be hanging out for a very long time." Huang said with a big smug on his face.

It wasn't just him, it was everyone else in the classroom, everyone here was ready to completely destroy Renjie out of fun.

/I have to meet with Uncle Li, I want to know what's happening to my body/ Renjie thought as she turned around to exit the classroom.

"Not so fast, Tang Tang, STOP HER!" Huang orders the little girl with light blue hair to stop Renjie from exiting the classroom.

Tang Tang stood in front of the exit, not allowing Renjie to pass.

"Tsk…" Renjie grabbed Tang Tang by her neck and slammed her onto the door. "I don't care what will happen to me, but I swear to god that I will kill all of you if you go against my will."

Renjie said as she threw Tang Tang onto the floor and exited the building, slamming the door after her.

/I have to speak with Uncle Li, there has to be a way to turn me back into boy/

After walking for five minutes through the forest, Renjie stopped and yelled Uncle Li's name.

"You needed me young Lord?" Li said as he dropped down from the tree.

"Uncle Li, please you have to help me!" Renjie started to cry while falling onto his Uncle's arms.

"Renjie, what happened?"

"I don't know how but somehow I turned… into… a girl." Renjie started crying even louder.

"How could this even happen!" Uncle Li was shocked. Wearing girl's clothes is one thing, but completely turning into a girl is completely another thing.

"I don't know I just- …ohh… it's because of that..." Renjie stopped crying after she realized what happened. "Uncle Li, can you please promise to not get mad at me, please?"

"Of course Renjie, I promise." Uncle Li said with a worrying expression on his face.

"Uhm… Uncle Li, do you remember when you told me to not enter that cave?"

"Yes, what does that have to do with this?"

"Uhm, on the same day, at night I have… gone back to that cave… and I have… entered…it." Renjie said with a shameful face.

"You entered the prison cave. And have you released The Great Lotus Demon?" Li asked with a realization expression on his face. /So we didn't got attacked after all…/

"Uhm, she told me that her name was The Great Witch of the Demon Lust cult and that my grandfather Jiam imprisoned her…" Renije had a blushing expression on her face.

"Renjie, you know that the Demon Lord Yu Jian died two hundred years ago? Hence why you haven't heard about him?" Li said, "She lied to you, Renjie…"

"I am so naive…" Renjie said with a sad face. "But why dd I turn into a girl?"

"Do you remember what happened after you released her?" Uncle Li asked, with a potential answer in his head.

"She passed through me and then completely disappeared."

"She didn't just pass through your body, I believe she fused with one of your cores inside your body." Uncle Li said as he put his hand onto Renjie's chest, "But don't worry, I just have to unfused that Demon from you, hold still."

*Qi manipulation, Demon vision!* Uncle Li activated his Qi skill that allowed him to take a look at his internal Qi cores, allowing him to detect The Great Lotus Demon. It is different from the Qi manipulation skill Teacher Yue used. This one is used only from the demon cult, hence why Teacher Yue didn't feel demon cores inside Renjies body.

"Hmm… this is strange… OH NO!" Uncle Li was forced out of the Renjie's internal body. "Demon Lord please forgive me, I will never try something like this."

"Uncle Li are you okay?"

Li saw the soul of the young demon lord, something that is highly unforgivable, not because it's rude, but simply because it's dangerous for the viewer. Demon Lord soul is purely evil, which completely breaks the mind of the viewer. That rule is made to protect the viewer, which Uncle Li completely forgot.

"What happened Uncle Li?" Renjie asked with a worrying face.

"Oh, It's you Renjie, I thought I saw the Demon Lord for a second." Uncle Li said with a relife. "Renjie, this isn't good, DEMON LORD IS GOING TO KILL ME!"

"Uncle Li, take a grip of yourself. That's an order!" Renjie ordered with a serious expression on her face.

"I am sorry Renjie, The Great Lotus Demon is fused with your soul, It's completely impossible for me to unfused it, your soul is working as a shield, unless your father unfused it, you are going to stay like that."

Renjie was shocked, she couldn't believe it.

*DEMON SLASH!* A girl just arrived from the bushes, attacking Uncle Li.

Luckily Li was able to dodge it.

"What are you doing here!" Girl asked with a serious tone!

/Oh no did I got exposed/ Renjie thought with a shocked face.

Busted! Darklord Fanfiction - Chapter 7 - HydraNovels (2024)


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