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Disclaimer: I do not own Busted! Darklord.

Original author: Xian Man Wen Hua

Artist of the manhua: Xhu Shui Guai Xiang

Chapter 9

What a poor lady

"Good morning class! Today you are going to practice for the upcoming tournament we have next week." Teacher Xue was tasked with teaching a special class. Welp instead of teaching, he's more just watching over them even saying that is pushing it a little..

"I see we have a very interesting new student here." Teacher Xue said with a smile on his face, a big smile.

A whole class were on the training ground, a massive field made for combat. All of the students have their weapons on them.

"Rules are simple, fight until the last student is standing!" Teacher said with a mad look on his face.

It's an understatement to say that he enjoys watching children suffer.

/Fine with me!/ Renjie thought as she was ready to start beating everyone around her.

Students were placed in a circle with at least five meters of free space from one another. It was a free for all battle, the last one standing wins, simple as that.

"May the best student win!" Teacher Xue gave a green signal.

Immediately every student on the field, besides Tang Tang, rushed towards Renjie.

Without even thinking Renjie, using her Chains of Death, grabbed Tang Tang for her waist and pulled her towards her.

"I am sorry Tang Tang, but you'll have to sleep this one." Renjie said as she punched Tang Tang in her abdomen, forcing her unconscious, with that Renjie placed her body on the ground making sure to not harm her anymore.

But with that, two of the closest students used that to reduce distance from Renjie.

Without even taking a look at them, Renjie, using her Chains of Death, slammed those two students with one move of her weapon.

Both of the students got hit in their head, leaving them completely unconscious. Other students saw that and hesitated a bit.

"What, not so strong now? Just looking at all of you makes me sick." Renjie said with a serious expression on her face, she was ready to kill every one of them here.

"What are you waiting for, ATTACK HER!" Huang ordered everyone.

There were 16 students left, beside Huang and Renjie, with a little hesitation everyone started rushing towards.

Renjie seeing this quickly activate her *White Lotus eye* skill, boosting her power 2 times.

Unfortunately, a big number wasn't enough for the young Demon Lord. Left, right, left, then right again Renjie started slamming everyone with his chains while slowly walking towards Huang.

Soon enough, everyone was laying on the ground, severely wounded, welp everyone besides Renjie and Huang.

"I know what you did last night to Tang Tang…" Renjie was barely holding his demon form, all that hatred emotion was building up through the whole night, and it was finally time to release it, all at once.

If it weren't for the Great Lotus Demon, Renjie would already activate his all bad Qi and release it all at once on the Huang. Completely destroying Huang's body.

It seems that Renjie's girl form disallows her from using her all bad Qi, making sure that she nevers gets found out.

"DIE!" Renjie shouted while aiming the end of his chains towards Huang's head.

Huang was an experienced fighter so he easily dodged Renjie's attack. With that Huang immediately started rushing towards Renjie. They were really close so it wouldn't take long for him to get to Renjie.

Chains of Death were a really powerful weapon, but if not used properly you can leave yourself completely open. Huang would arrive much quicker then Renjie can retrieve her weapons. It's a guaranteed hit and Huang knows that.

Or so he thinks, Renjie seeding that, quickly changed her body direction from left to right to right to left, changing his main hand from right to left allowing her to use the other end of the chains.

Chains of Death is a two sided weapon, one side of the chains was with a heavy metal ball at the end, used for knocking down opponents and other side was with a light metal blade made for slicing opennets deep, making an easy kill.

Of Course school disallows killing, even accidents can lead to a few years of prison.

Luckily Renjie knew that, hence why she's extra careful.

While pulling with her right hand, one side of the chains was retrieving, while the other side of the chains was extending. Renjie with her left hand is performing *ART OF THE CHAINS* allowing her to slice her opponent with ease.


She was careful, making sure to not hit any of the vital organs. But still leaving a lot of damage to the Huang body.

The blade of the Chains of Death were very sharp, leaving a lot of deep cuts and a lot of blood on the ground.

Huang fell on the floor, bleeding a lot. If left like this for 5 minutes, he would die one hundred percent.

"WE HAVE OUR WINNER, YU RENJIE!" Teacher Xue was left amazed, who would have thought that such a smooth criminal would be amazed by such a bloody sight. /Amazing, she is truly amazing!/

Servants quickly came to help the unconscious students, especially the almost dead Huang.

This training wasn't made for improvement of the students skills, but for the enjoyment of Teacher Xue hence allowing the use of the dangerous weapons.

"...huh…" Renjie fell on the ground out of exhaustion.

She used the skill called *Lotus eye boost* It's a powerful technique used to double the user's power, but after the end of the skill all the power used is doubled. If not careful users can draine all of their internal energy, leaving them unconscious.

Luckily Renjie was in a school, so she doesn't have to worry about other enemies attacking her while unconscious.

"What a poor lady, losing all of her energy in the center of the training ground." Teacher Xue immediately rushed towards Renjie's unconscious body. "I will make sure to take good care of you." Teacher said with a big smile on his face.

Busted! Darklord Fanfiction - Chapter 9 - HydraNovels (2024)


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