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In an attempt for survival, Yu Renjie, the son of the demon lord, was ordered to enter Hero's Academy which only recruits distinguished and upright disciples. The goal is to obtain a Hero's Certificate which can bring legitimacy to the demon clan.

This is extremely dangerous. Once the identity of a demon cultist is exposed, countless righteous knights will kill them on the spot. But on the first day of school, Yu Renjie was shocked to find out that his personal information had been leaked.

In order to hide his identity, he had no choice but to put on women's clothing. His dangerous and hilarious campus life is about to unfold!

(Source: Bilibili Comics)

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Yu, Renjie


Ye, Mingzhu


Yu, Batian


Yue, Buxing


Li, Dongfang



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Apr 1, 2022


Mixed Feelings

Manhua spoiler warning, I will mostly spoil the plot points of some side characters, so please don't read the description if you don't want to be spoiled.

Story (6/10):
I've been on Webtoon & Bilibili Comics for a while now, I've come to see that, I love a lot of Korean Manhwa, Chinese Manhua, and ofc Japanese Manga. Not long ago, about twenty days ago, I've started to read Xiao Mo Tou Baolu La!, or Busted! Darklord. Not long afterward, I've dug deeper into the rabbit hole, and I found this anime, an anime adaptation of a weirdly enough, entertaining "harem". Positive about this anime, the story ...

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Mar 28, 2022


Mixed Feelings

If this show could be summarized with one word, it would be: underwhelming.

I’ve read the webcomic this donghua is based on and I enjoyed that. The webcomic is colorful and full of life despite being still images. That is not present in the donghua. The colors feel a little stale compared to the webcomic and the stiff animation doesn’t really help. But let’s just say that the reason for this is a lower-budget. The story structure has no excuse.

Most anime have 22-25 minute long episodes. Usually it takes around the first few episodes to introduce important characters and the setting, but this show takes the ...

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Apr 5, 2022


Not Recommended

Preliminary (13/13 eps)

firstly, i hate when you get an 8-minute anime, and 3-4 minutes seem to be taken by credits/title. I honestly think is stupid. If you can't make something long enough or want to make it just to fit x minutes, then taking from the story for credits is stupid.

The idea of the story has merits but has been carried out in the worst possible way like the writer is trying to sabotage themselves. This unknown child of the demon lord somehow seems to be known to everyone. It doesn't add to the humor, it gives ...

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